The two main grout products we use at Nicholas Tile and Bath are Fusion Pro and CEG Lite Epoxy grout.  Fusion Pro is a single component grout that can be used in commercial and residential applications.  Suitable for ceramic, mosaic, cement body tile, porcelain, glass tile, polished and natural stone.  Fusion Pro will not effloresce, mottle or color shade within the grout joint.  It also will not stain when exposed to most common, non corrosive household goods and cleaning agents.

CEG Lite is a high performance epoxy grout that is formulated to stand up to the harshest environments including kitchens and food processing facilities.  Its fast curing, high stain and thermal shock resistant.  NTB highly recommends this product for shower floors.  We hope you’ve found this information helpful.  Please give Nicholas Tile and Bath a call, we would be happy to answer any additional questions at 704-396-3822.

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