Nicholas Tile and Bath loves sharing the amazing products that help make our clients very happy and  our company very successful.  Today we will talk about Ditra by Schluter and why we use it.

 The major cause of damage in tiled floors are a result of movement stresses and water penetration, which can cause cracking of the tile or grout, delamination of the tiled surface or even mold Growth.

Preventing your tiled floor from damage starts before the first tile in installed.  Ditra is an uncoupling membrane that is placed between your tile and the subfloor, preventing stresses from being transferred directly to the tile and cracking or delamination of the tiled surface.  Ditra is also waterproof to prevent subfloor damage in the event of a water leak.

We at Nicholas Tile and Bath highly recommend Ditra! It Prevents cracking, provides waterproof protection, vapor control and heavy load support.

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