Age in Place


IMG-20130216-00386Bathroom remodeling for aging in place can help increase bath safety, and make the bathroom space more usable and comfortable.


As for safety, falls are the greatest risk for seniors or people who suffer a loss of mobility, so making changes to help prevent them in the bathroom is important.


A tub to shower conversion with grab bars and built in custom bench is an ideal option for homeowners who may have difficulty stepping over a bathtub partition and are looking for a safer alternative.


Between the fears of falling, stress from worrying about the situation and not knowing a practical solution for the problem can quickly turn into a serious dilemma.


There are many things to consider for age in place bathroom remodeling project such as designer grab bar and comfort height toilets that can be beautiful, functional and increase home safety as well as ensure that your bathroom will maintain its good looks and continue to meet your needs as they evolve well into the future.