Frameless Glass Enclosures and Doors


Is there anything as elegant in a bathroom as a frameless glass shower enclosures? Possibly, but once we design the perfect glass shower enclosures for your new bathroom remodel or renovation, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the stunning addition when you see the finished product. Our Shower Enclosures are custom made for your shower or bath and we offer many options from sliding shower doors to hinged doors as well as bi-folding doors and tub screens.


Since your bath is a reflection of your style, selecting a distinctive shower enclosure, tub enclosure and hardware is paramount. Choose from a variety of shower enclosure hardware finishes and type of glass that can be combined to match your décor in a particularly stylish way. When deciding on whether to add a towel bar or robe hook, we always make sure that doing so will not impede the swing or slide of your shower door.  Our commitment to provide a luxurious quality glass enclosure that you can feel and see every time you use your bath or shower is unwavering.


frameless-bifold-shower-doorThe timeless beauty of glass creates an enclosure that is not only elegant, but also easy to maintain.  To keep your glass free of potentially damaging water spots, we recommend using a squeegee after each use. Using a squeegee on a daily basis is the simplest and fastest way to avoid water spot and mineral deposit build up on your new shower enclosure. Using a surface protector, such as Diamon - Fusion, to protect your glass is highly recommended. A surface protector can help to repel water off the glass, but is not intended to replace the use of a squeegee.


If your custom frameless shower door and or enclosure ever leaks, squeaks, or if your hardware tarnishes or comes loose, simply call our office and we will send a crew out to your home to address your concerns and if need be, replace your hardware free of charge.   A frameless shower enclosure is made up of 3/8" to 1/2" tempered and polished safety glass. This glass has greater strength and does not require heavy metal framing around it. Frameless shower doors also eliminate the wobble seen in cheaper store bought doors when opening or closing.  A frameless shower enclosure is aesthetically superior to any other shower solution, increasing the value of your home. A frameless shower door lasts much longer than a framed shower door, and eliminates ugly thick metal framing. Frameless shower doors are the easiest of any shower door to clean. By eliminating the bulky shower door framing, only glass and minimal supports  remain, which can be easily cleaned to "like new" condition using a rubber squeegee.


Types of Glass


Clear Glass   -  Clear glass contains a significant amount of iron, which gives it the appearance of a light green tint. Clear glass is the most common type of glass.


Starphire Glass  -  Starphire glass is super-heated to eliminate the iron from the glass, which gives the glass a crystal clear quality. This type of glass is recommended for anyone who wishes to highlight the natural tile colors of their enclosure.


Obscured Glass  -  obscure glass protects your privacy but still allows abundant light to enter.